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Like Buttons for The Word

The Word on our start page now has buttons to vote for "like" and "dislike" .

The vote is not for the contents of the verse, but for the cross-reference:

  • a "like" is for two verses that complement each other well: one verse is an example of the other, shows a different aspect of a truth, or even seems to express a contradiction, so you have to think about the meaning;
  • a "dislike" is for two verses that have no clear relationship, or also for verses that actually have identical contents (because in this case the cross-reference does not help)

By giving your vote, you support the preparation of future volumes of The Word.

A note about privacy: the start page remembers your vote using a cookie for one day, this lets you know your previous vote in case you visit the page again during a day. A cookie is a small piece of data in the local storage of your web browser.

Thank you for voting!

2019-06-13 • HSteeb