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Full Bible in Uzbek Officially Approved

In June 2017, the unthinkable happened: the first full Uzbek Bible was launched in the capital Tashkent, officially approved by the Uzbek government.

Vue de l'Aqua-Park - Tachkent

Tachkent (Source:

Some team members had worked for about 22 years on this project.

Already during Soviet time, the Institute for Bible Translation (IBT) in Moscow initiated a translation of the New Testament, Genesis and Psalms, published in 1992. The Old Testament was translated in a project initiated by IBT and later joined by SIL under the roof of a new local Bible Society. Beginning 2005, the work faced obstacles due to the changing political climate.

Finally, 2016 a beautiful Uzbek Bible was printed. But nobody expected the miracle that happened in the first half of 2017: the government approved the translation.

Read the full article at the United Bible Societies.

Read The Word from the Uzbek Bible:

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