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Missing Bibles for The Word 2017


  • Farsi
  • Kiswahili
  • Romanian
  • Zimbrisch

We need support for editing the Bible verses!

This task takes several hours per year, in an internal web page that shows the German or English verses and Bible chapters as a reference (see below). Each time I do it, it is enriching to go over many key Bible verses. Please contact us!


  • 2017-01-01: Danish, Portuguese
  • 2017-01-02: Hebrew

The Application for Verse Editing

Screenshot of the application (example of Farsi with English as a reference). The white edit box contains the edited verse: add line-breaks, remove verse parts not in the reference verse (above, in blue), insert names ("Paul") for pronouns ("he")...

2016-12-31 • HSteeb • updated 2024-05-21