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The Word 2016 for Gaelic, Hebrew and Ozbek

The Word 2016 is available for Gaelic, Hebrew and Ozbek (in Cyrillic and Latin script).

You can download it in several of our applications, or view it fullscreen e.g. for 2016-01-01: An Bíobla Naofa 1981, ספר הבריתות 2004, Ўзбек тилидаги Муқаддас Китоб 2012 and O‘zbek tilidagi Muqaddas Kitob (2012) Latin.

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Help! Many Bible quotations of The Word 2016 for Kiswahili are not formatted. Can you assist us? You can format the quotations conveniently in your browser. We also need support for Farsi and Thai. Please contact us!

2016-01-06 • HSteeb • updated 2024-05-21