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BibleStudio In English

The new BibleStudio now comes in English language in a clearly arranged layout. You can use it on mobile devices.

For readability, each Bible saying is formatted nicely on multiple lines. Many of the sayings contain an introduction line which clarifies the context from the Bible.

Join us - assign cross-referenced Bible sayings for The Word 2016!

Multiple Languages

We provide the cross-referenced Bible sayings for readers in multiple languages. As a basis, the BibleStudio contains about 4000 nicely formatted Bible sayings in the German "Schlachter 2000" Bible edition. Some of these sayings have also been prepared in other languages. If a saying is not available in the Bible edition you prefer, BibleStudio shows it in one of several further Bible editions you may select, or in the Schlachter 2000 as a fallback.

First and Second Saying

The BibleStudio shows a selected "first" Bible saying for each day of the year 2016.

The "second" saying shall complement the first one. It may be an example for the statement of the first one. If the first saying is a divine promise, the second saying may describe the fulfillment of the promise.

We want visitors of our site to make serious contributions. Therefore, we would like to relate your contribution with you and ask for your name and email address upon the first assignment of a cross-referenced saying.

Follow this link to the BibleStudio. It is also availabale in the menu.

What's The Use of It?

Complementary Bible sayings help us to consider the Biblical context, following the reformatory principle “Sacra scriptura sui ipsius interpres” – “Scripture explains itself”.

What's The Schedule?

In Summer 2015, we'll review the cross-referenced Bible sayings. For The Word 2016 we need the "first" saying and one of the cross-referenced sayings for each day.

In autumn, team members format the Bible sayings missing in other Bible editions and languages. See the [current list for The Word 2016](/download/bible-editions-available/" title="Bible editions available (.twd files)).

Starting in autumn, but at latest end of the year, we publish The Word 2016 in the different Bible editions and languages.

2015-03-14 • HSteeb