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The Word 2015: Chinese (Simplified), French, Kiswahili, Polish, Turkish

The Word 2015 is available in 5 more Bible editions:

  • Chinese Union Version Simplified](/service/today/full/ChineseUnionVersionSimplified?date=2015-01-01)
  • French: Segond 21
  • Kiswahili Contemporary Version 2006](/service/today/full/KiswahiliContemporaryVersion2006?date=2015-01-01) (please help us to improve the formatting!)
  • Polish: Biblia Tysiąclecia (new!)
  • Turkish: Kutsal Kitap 2001

Some more are currently being prepared.

In applications that support online update of The Word, you can already fetch the texts for 2015. For complete installer packages, see the Download Pages.

2014-12-20 • HSteeb • updated 2024-05-21