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Language Selection Corrected

When you read different pages in our website, or revisit the pages later, the pages are shown again in the language you selected in the "Language selection" page. This already worked - but sometimes the setting was lost...

What's the use of it?

You can read the texts of our website in your native language, or at least in a language you understand. If there is no suitable translation, the text is shown in English.

How does it work?

The team members can translate the texts of our website into multiple languages. In the "Language selection" page available in the top main menu (flags icon) you select your preferred language.

Each text is shown in the "best" matching language: preferably the language you selected in the "Language selection" page, but if the text is not available in that language, it will be shown in another language you defined in the language settings in your browser, or in English as a default.

At the first visit, the language is automatically determined from your language settings of your browser and stored in a "cookie" on your computer. If you do not have cookies enabled, a matching language from the language settings of your browser will be determined for each text.

You can specify the languages you understand e.g. in Firefox in menu "Edit" under Settings / Contents / Languages. The exact place for this setting may vary from version to version.

2014-01-11 • HSteeb