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BiblePix - The Word on a background image

BiblePix BiblePix shows 'The Word':

  • in many languages
  • as Desktop background picture
  • as e-mail signature
  • random image change (slideshow)
  • random language change

Description: README

1. Prerequisites:

  • Tcl program library
  • Tcl extra packages tls, tDom and tkimg

2. Installation:


  1. Download and install ActiveTcl
  2. Download and install BiblePix Installer


  1. Install missing packages
  2. Download and install BiblePix Installer

GIT System independent installation for experienced users:

  • Git clone
  • Execute Setup: tclsh ~/Biblepix/biblepix-setup.tcl

Place of installation (~) unimportant

  • recommended path for Windows: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Biblepix
  • recommended path for Unix: /home/USERNAME/Biblepix

Installing missing Tcl components (Linux):

If the required Tcl extra packages tls, tDom und tkimg (or libtk-img) should be missing on your system, you must install them via your package management or by entering one of the following quick commands in a terminal (depending on system):

  • sudo apt-get install tcl-tls tdom libtk-img (Debian/Ubuntu)
  • sudo emerge -u dev-tcltk/tls tdom tkimg (Gentoo)
  • sudo yum install tcltls tdom tkimg (Fedora)
  • sudo yast -i tcl-tls tkimg tdom (OpenSuse)

Problems executing (Linux):

If the Installer does not run automatically on click, try one of the following:

  • In a terminal enter: cd [DOWNLOAD-ORT] ; tclsh BiblePix-Installer.tcl
  • In a file manager: right-click on file, then under option "Open with..." select tclsh

System  Source Upgrades
Windows LINUX


February 14: Added slide show
March 14: Total rework into Tcl/Tk
May 15: Added Windows support
April 16: Version 2.2 with new features
November 16: Version 2.3 with improved installation routines & new features
September 17: Version 2.4 with new features like shadow fonts, improved font selection etc.
January 19: Version 3.0: total rework with many improvements in font display, added Linux desktops


Current version: 3.0
Systems: LINUX (tested on KDE/Gnome/Xfce4/Wayland desktops), WINDOWS (tested on Win7, Win8, Win10)
Authors: Peter Vollmar + Joel Hochreutener

linuxpeter | 2014-07-29