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Cugetarea Zilei – The Word 2020 in Romanian (Cornilescu 2014)

The Word 2020 is available in Romanian, using the Cornilescu Anniversary Edition Bible 2014.

HSteeb | 2020-03-21

The Word 2021 Starting with 6 Languages

The Word 2021 is already available in 6 Bible editions, more are being prepared.

HSteeb | 2020-10-05

The Word Cross-references now Free to Share and Use

Starting with 2021, the verse pairs published as The Word are available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License.

HSteeb | 2020-10-05

Some Websites showing The Word

You can integrate The Word in your website, using a HTML snippet, or a plug-in for your Content Management System.

Here are some pages that show The Word.

HSteeb | 2020-10-21